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StudentAtWorkThis month's Spotlight: School District of the Chathams.


The School District of the Chathams is a showcase project that demonstrates how the use of the ACES Plus program can lead to real results.  The District utilized the program and its resources to support the implementation of an Energy Savings Improvement Plan (ESIP). This structure allowed the District to realize the benefits of energy efficiency measures without upfront cost or capital commitment.   

During each step of the process, the District received expert guidance from a team of energy efficiency experts to ensure that energy savings were maximized and the District’s interests were protected.  

Through the support of ACES Plus, the District selected a vendor to perform an ESIP, and will finance energy efficiency measures over 15 years such that the verified energy cost savings exceed the debt service payments, resulting in positive cashflow to the District.

Through the ACES Plus program, our district is implementing an energy efficiency project that provides environmental and economic benefits.  This success could not have been achieved without the extraordinary support of Gabel Associates and the ACES Plus program. It provided a seamless, no hassle, and cost efficient path to achieve innovative sustainability goals.

Peter Daquila, School Business Administrator for the School District of the Chathams


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