ACES: Buying Natural Gas

ACES also has a procurement program for natural gas that manages market risk for our members        

...using a strategic portfolio of natural gas supply purchased at low points of the market.

The ACES Natural Gas Procurement Program

For more than a decade, the ACES program has helped over 300 districts purchase natural gas supply to mitigate market risk, to stabilize costs and most importantly to save districts money on their heating costs. At the cutting edge of every change in regulation and energy marketplace has brought innovation and cost savings to the process of procuring natural gas supply service. 


You know the most immediate benefit of ACES to school districts (like ours) is for the School District's Administration. The time and hassle saved by turning over the labor of procuring electricity and gas supply to a trusted expert in the industry is invaluable. The fact that there is no fee paid by the schools, the NJSBA, NJASBO and NJASA is behind the program and that ACES has a track record of success is icing on the cake. I've been pleased to report to our School Board on many occasions that we've saved a significant amount of our budget, better than we would achieve on our own, using the ACES Program.

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