Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy

Earlier this year, ACES made history by implementing an innovative renewable energy option into its electric supply contracts.  For the first time, districts were given the exciting opportunity to select a Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Product that provided enhanced green power, consisting of 20% renewable energy!

ACES Alternatives

So your district is thinking about an approach to buying energy products that doesn't include ACES. Here are some things to think about: the State of New Jersey encourages all districts to manage their energy costs through an energy aggregation program like ACES. Your district is required by law to shop for energy. Shopping on your own is far more expensive than ACES; other programs don't have the expertise or backing of ACES or its track record.



ACES: Who We Are

ACES is the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services and was created to save New Jersey Schools time and money, to make procurement easier and to provide an ongoing resource for school boards, business administrators and superintendents. The ACES program is sponsored by the NJSBA, the NJASBO and NJASA, ensuring that the program has individual school districts interests as the highest priority. The ACES program has a long standing success rate and has been serving New Jersey school boards for 15 years.

In 2014, NJASA and NJSBA expanded the ACES service offerings to include ACES Plus - the next generation of cost savings strategies.  ACES Plus facilitates the implementation of sustainability projects at schools, including renewable energy and energy efficiency. The program provides objective advice to help districts navigate through the financial and technical issues related to the development of advanced energy projects.


Choices: Participating in ACES

Buying energy products is complicated. Success in buying electricity and natural gas as measured by how much savings your district achieved compared to the utilities supply service or energy consumption reduced through solar or efficiency projects, is the product of smart decision making and occasionally luck. Since you don't want to leave your fiscal situation to luck, it pays to get the best energy consultant you can find and good legal counsel to guide you through the specific considerations of public procurement for energy products and services, retain the consultant to meet with DCA regularly, to watch over your energy supply contracts and the marketplace, pay a lobbyist to protect your interests with the State, the utilities and PJM, or... get all of this and more from ACES. The smart choice.

Natural Gas - Buying Strategy

Natural Gas prices have risen and fallen drastically and sporadically over the past 20 years. Some market trends have long range indicators but largely a confluence of events drive the market unpredictably. In order mitigate risk and get the best pricing, ACES employs a "portfolio" approach to protect our school boards from price hikes while still taking advantage of drops in the market.

Successful Electric Bid 2013

ACES Electric 2013-2015Electricty Supply Bid brings savings to members.

Natural Gas for Fall '14

ACES Gas Program 2014ACES Natural Gas Program adds new members.


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