Who Are Our Members?

ACES members are hundreds of school districts just like yours who understand the need to competitively shop for energy products and services and have found ACES to the most cost effective and convenient way to manage their energy budgets.

ACES has allowed us to avoid the cumbersome and time consuming procurement process and, at the same time, take advantage of volume pricing with the other school districts in the state.  This has helped us keep our expenses in control and predictable, insulating us from the havoc that large fluctuations in energy prices can wreak on a carefully balanced budget. 

Adam Nasr, CFM, CEFM, SFP, LEED Green Assoc. – Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District

Through the ACESPlus program, our district is implementing an energy efficiency project that provides environmental and economic benefits.  This success could not have been achieved without the extraordinary support of Gabel Associates and the ACESPlus program. It provided a seamless, no hassle, and cost efficient path to achieve innovative sustainability goals.

Peter Daquila, School Business Administrator for the School District of the Chathams

Our district has done very well with ACES. We've been members for years but i have a lot of experience with public procurement. Believe me, ACES takes the headache out of energy bids and we save money.

School Business Administrator


You know the most immediate benefit of ACES to school districts (like ours) is for the School District's Administration. The time and hassle saved by turning over the labor of procuring electricity and gas supply to a trusted expert in the industry is invaluable. The fact that there is no fee paid by the schools, the NJSBA, NJASBO and NJASA is behind the program and that ACES has a track record of success is icing on the cake. I've been pleased to report to our School Board on many occasions that we've saved a significant amount of our budget, better than we would achieve on our own, using the ACES Program.

School Business Administrator


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