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The ACES program of services includes the procurement of energy products, electricity and natural gas, as well as a wide array of energy consulting services including solar feasibility and energy efficiency initiatives under "ACESplus", our services extension. You school district can participate in any or all of these as dictated by your community's needs by joining the ACES Cooperative Purchasing System. The benefits of joining our 400 plus district cooperative, including lower costs to your district and the buying power of a large aggregation group, are outlined in our Program Overview section.

How To Join ACES

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If your district is not shopping for energy products, electricity or natural gas, or if you are still shopping for these products on your own, you should consider that ACES is the pioneering program for energy procurement. ACES has not only saved our districts millions of dollars but the ACES team is an ongoing resource for our member districts. ACES has been there for our members since 1999, providing support and representing the interests of our members with the Board of Public Utilities, with our suppliers and with New Jersey Utilities. Our industry and market expertise is unmatched. Becoming a member is a straightforward process - once you're a member, you've joined over 400 other districts that enjoy the buying power of thousands of accounts.

By joining ACES, you are able to join forces with over 430 other school districts to purchase competitively priced electricity and natural gas.  As a result of a large buying pool with similar usage histories, you will be able to receive the best offer in the deregulated energy market. Our electronic bidding system and large pool of customers will assure that you get the best pricing available.



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